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Black Friday Brown Baggers

For those dedicated souls who wait in line outside cold department stores in the wee morning hours – have a sandwich....

By Dave Smith
Posted November 9, 2012

SandwichThe single greatest shopping day of the calendar year is so close you can almost feel the tension. No – I’m not talking about Apple’s 3rd iPhone release this year, or the newer, better and smaller iPad either. I’m talking about Black Friday! It’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG this November 23rd. Like black licorice, you either partake or you don’t. It’s that simple. If you go all-in, you’re probably looking at a 12 to 20-hour wait in line outside in the cold … late at night … and into the morning. No doubt, it’s kind of brutal, but you’re going to buy a ton of cool stuff and save boatloads of money and that’s what the holidays are all about.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, we’re serving up two sandwiches instead of one: a serious “manwich” to sustain you, and the other a sweet blast from the past to energize you at the “kickoff” of the impending battle.


Not Just Any Turkey Sandwich

Inspired by the turkey sandwich uber chef Tom Colicchio serves at his awesome New York sandwich joints, ‘Wichcraft, this one begins with a freshly baked – crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle - ciabatta bun. Trust me – good bread makes the sandwich and holds it all together, so seek it out if possible. Slather a good amount of rich garlicky aioli and top with sliced turkey, and then lay on the crispy bacon slices and avocado wedges. Do I have you attention yet? If, I sort of do, then adding a salty, sweet, tangy and bitter homemade caramelized onion relish up top won’t phase you because it perfectly counterpoints everything that came before. A little effort – for sure – but the best turkey sandwich you’ve ever had, I’m willing to bet.

Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich with Honey 

No star chef inspiration needed here because this sandwich comes straight from our youth: the tried-and-true P, B and H – peanut butter, banana and honey. Little did our Moms know back then they were feeding us a high-powered energy bomb, but that’s precisely what they were doing. No reason to bore or insult you with the preparation – all you need is bread you like, a wad of Extra-Crunchy Skippy peanut butter and a refusal to skimp on the Sue Bee honey. Pop this number down your gullet 10 minutes before the doors open, and you’ll be running for the Promised Land. 

While I’m fully aware that this plan of attack might be way outside of your collective wheelhouses, it is far and away the preferable option compared to the most likely alternatives at hand. Call me crazy or idealistic, but it’s always better to stay healthy and live to fight another day.



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